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Facebook in China!?

Posted December 21st, 2012 by admin with No Comments

Wada Hostel has finally done it! We’ve cracked the code! The great China Firewall has fallen and your voice will be heard! Only at Wada Hostel do you have access to uncensored media. We are all for freedom of speech and the free press. It means you can search on Wikipedia about Tiananmen Square or the Cultural Revolution but really to just update your Facebook status to, “Still alive”, “Frog tastes just like chicken”, or “Getting married to Ping Ping”. So for everyone who’s been itching to
do what they couldn’t, here’s your fix.

Sites free at last.
Google (Docs, Drive, etc)
and tons more

For all the blog junkies out there, please don’t forget to link us. We need everyone to spread the love! =)

Wada Hostel

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