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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?
The easiest way to make a reservation is through our website. Our booking engine is powered by and is connected with our database so you will know right away if there is an available room. You can search for dates and book your stay here

How easy is it to find your hostel?
All signs in Guilin will have English and Chinese written on them. If you are walking from the bus, train station, or the airport shuttle drop off at Swan Hotel, you should have no problem finding us by reading the signs in English. To get to us, you’ll be walking along major streets, which makes it safe and very easy to navigate. Note the traffic lights that correspond with the map. Please visit the Directions page for more information.

By taxi, provide the driver our address and they will know how to get here. It is also good to note our phone number for the less experience drivers who may need assistance. Never fall for a flat rate even if it seems like a good deal as going by the meter will always save you money.

If you are arriving by plane, take advantage of our airport pick-up service. It’s the fastest, safest, and hassle-free way to get to our hostel and it costs only 120Y. To request for this service, please email us with flight information and we’ll confirm with you within 24 hours.

What can I do around the hostel?
Directly across the street from us is the most popular mall in Guilin, LianDa Guang Chang (Too Mall) which has everything you can think of including a supermarket, food court, movie theater, arcade, spa, and much more. There is also an amusement park at the back entrance of the mall. Finally, there is the beautiful Heishan Botanical Garden where you can enter from the side or back of the mall which is also free admission.

How do I get around the city by bus?
Fortunately, Wada’s right beside the Botanical Garden Bus Terminal so you’ll have access to many buses that run through the city. The most important one to remember is bus no.10, which passes through many of the main tourist attractions: The night market, the 2 Pagodas, Guilin Square, Pedestrian Street, Solitary Beauty Peak, Seven Star Park and both the Guilin Train Station and Guilin Bus Station. The no.10 bus stop is on the ride side of our main gate.