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Wada Hostel’s amazing tours in Guilin. We offer the best tours at the best prices. All tours can be booked ahead of time or at our hostel. Please email or call us to make arrangements.

Longji Rice Terraces

Rice fields on terraced in sunset at Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
Locals harvesting along the rice terraces

About 600 years ago, throughout most of the Ming Dynasty, the Longji Rice Terraces were created out of the shear need to survive. Given that only 25% of China can provide sustainable farming, many remote areas had to sought out ways to maximize there agricultural outputs with the means that they had. And for the aboriginals in Longsheng, a county in Guilin, it meant high hillsides across the vast land, which caused surface run-offs and land erosion proving itself to be too difficult to cultivate their main staple, rice.

By terracing the hills into flat paddies, they created a flooding reservoir to contain water for the rice to thrive. This system would run throughout the entire land, with each paddy supporting the other, landscaping itself into an agricultural masterpiece.

Anyone who visits the rice terraces will be mesmerized and awe inspired by its grandness and wonder. It’s a dynamic beauty that changes with the seasons and one that has continued to gives nourishing love to its people.

1 Day Tour – 350Y/person

  • includes roundtrip
  • entrance fee
  • 2 hours at the terraces
  • local lunch
  • ticket to the long hair show


Do-It-Yourself 1 Day Tour to Dazhai Village – 255Y/person
230Y/person with student card

  • Includes roundtrip
  • Includes entrance ticket to the Longji Rice Terraces (admission price: 100Y)
  • 4-5 hours at the terraces

Li River Cruise

Sunset landscape of yangshuo in guilin, China

Sunset landscape of yangshuo in guilin, China

View of Li River

The Li River is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, most known for its picturesque landscapes of its karst limestone mountains and has captivated hundreds of thousands of people every year. It has inspired many famous artists and poets and has lead to many inspiring masterpieces. Wada Hostel takes you on this enchanting journey through the most scenic part of the river.

The scenic area stretches in length of 100km from north of Guilin and passes through into Yangshuo county. Along this journey, one will be visited by fishermen leisurely fishing on their bamboo rafts, water buffalos relaxing in the cool water, quaint villages, and the towering mysticism of the mountains.

1 Day Tours

Bamboo Raft – 220Y/person

  • includes transport from Wada Hostel to Yangdi Pier
  • 1 hour raft ride along the Li River from Yangdi Pier to Painting of Nine Horses Hill and back to Yangdi Pier
  • bus transfer to Yangshuo Bus station after river raft

Big English Boat – 420Y(One-way)/person (You can choose one-way or round-trip)

  • includes transport from Wada Hostel to Zhujiang Pier
  • 4-5 hours tour boat ride along the Li River from Zhujiang to Yangshuo Pier
  • Chinese lunch is included
  • English speaking tour guide

*All guests will have 2 hours to visit Yangshuo after the cruise and can return with the van back to Wada at no additional cost.

Impression Sanjie Liu


Impression Sanjie Liu is a critcally acclaimed theatrical that uses the beautiful outdoor mountainous backdrop as its set to tell a story. Zhang Yimou, most known for directing the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, does it again as he continues to provoke excitement and delight our senses with color, dance, song, and even technology. A must see!

Regular Admission – 190Y/person
VIP seat Admission – 215Y/person

  • includes regular admission to the Impression Sanjie Liu

Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Evening view of the Gold and Silver Pagodas, also known as the Sun and Moon Pagodas, reflected in Shan Lake Guilin, Guangxi, China.

Evening view of the Gold and Silver Pagodas, also known as the Sun and Moon Pagodas, reflected in Shan Lake Guilin, Guangxi, China.

A view of the pagodas along Li River

Guilin is built around plentiful rivers and lakes that are connected and linked together. The Li River and Taohua (Peach Blossom) River; Rong (banyan tree) Lake, Shan (Chinese fir) Lake, Gui (Osmanthus tree) Lake, and the Mulong (Wooden dragon) Lake comprise Guilin’s central round-the-city water system, known as “Two Rivers and Four Lakes Area”. There are distinct marble bridges and pavilions throughout the waterways. Evening cruise amid this peaceful area has been offered as a new way to enjoy the city and the natural scenery around it. Tourists welcome the cruises as refreshing, relaxing, and peaceful alternative to the sometimes chaotic and noisy normal modes of sightseeing.

Regular Admission – 160Y/person

  • includes a wonderful daytime trip along the waterways of Guilin for 90 mins

Other great highlights in Guilin

There are some famous parks you should visit within the city. Many guests have complained about the entrance fees being too expensive so we’ve cooperated with the parks to offer discounts. Please ask our Wada girls for more information.

Regular Entrance Price
Wada’s Discounted Price
Elephant Trunk Hill + Seven Star Park + Seven Star Cave + Die Cai Hill
Seven Star Park + Seven Star Cave
Elephant Trunk Hill + Seven Star Park + Seven Star Cave
Elephant Trunk Hill + Reed Flute Caves
Reed Flute Caves
Elephant Trunk Hill